About Us

Vetanda is a UK company specialising in gastrointestinal health. We are currently developing a product for individuals with coeliac disease. This potential treatment was originally developed by Canadian company, IGY Inc. Vetanda has acquired patents and trade secrets for the product and is funding clinical trials in Canada. If effective, the product has the potential to reduce the effects of the debilitating symptoms suffered by the 1 in 100 people in the population at large who have coeliac disease.






We are sponsoring further research in the product at the University of Alberta, Edmonton. The current human safety trial will be followed by an efficacy trial. It is anticipated that a product could be available to people with coeliac disease in Canada within the next three years, paving the way for further testing and approval of the product in the US and Europe.


For more information, please email enquiries@vetanda.global

The Team

Communications Director Claire Perry, UK

Principle Scientific Advisor, Professor Hoon H. Sunwoo, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Natural Health Product Regulatory Advisor Dr Carol Ann Patterson, Canada


Support Networks:

Canadian Celiac Association

Canadian Digestive Health Foundation

Coeliac UK


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Registered office : 27-28 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DH, UK